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'Grain Storming'

Sand Dog's Team Building Workshops


When people of different disciplines work together, often informally, you will notice improvement of their work practices. Innovation will be encouraged in our team building workshops. If you would like to be part of a team where innovation flourishes, all you need is some time spent in the sand. Your employees will be motivated to work together, be creative, improvise, visualize and express their ideas and opinions while working on a sculpture that will show the result of their collaboration.

For two and a half hours your employees will step into the world of professional sand sculpting and realize how it requires everyone to complete a project.

A skilled sand sculptor will instruct the different teams on how to build up the sand and common techniques of carving that are used in the world of professional sand sculpting. The theme for the workshop could range from building sand castles or an entire sand city to more abstract themes such as the image your employees have of the company or their take on the new slogan for the corporation. Translating abstract and rational ideas into creative and artistic forms are a challenge and will lead to interesting discussions and surprisingly fascinating sculptures.

There are several sculptors available for assistance throughout the workshop. Afterwards your employees will admire their works of art and talk about the total impression made by the time spent playing in the sand.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if would like to receive a quote. 

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