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A professional sand sculpture outfit that travels the world creating extreme works of art made entirely of sand.

How does one become a sand sculptor?

I have been asked the question 'How did you become a sand sculptor?' many, many times. The answer is simple: an opportunity came along and I grabbed it. I grabbed it with both hands before I even knew what is was grabbing on to. The summer of 1999 and thereafter were a perfect wave of creativity, hard work, building friendships, becoming part of a family, learning how to let go, deal with set backs and how to move past them. I have thoroughly enjoyed the ride for the last 17 years and still am, as a matter of fact.

Most sand sculptors are like large children. They kept their child-like ingenuity that allows them to see things differently. When you happen to come across a fellow sand sculptor in heart and spirit,  it feels like you are being reconnected with a lost member of a tribe.

If you feel you can express your creativity in a medium like sand, drywall, cement, wood, marble, chocolate or butter, just to name a few, go for it. The beauty is when you are so absorbed by what you are doing you forget about time and place and just focus on what is right in front of you. Which helps when you don't realize you have an entire audience on the beach looking at what you're doing.

I always compare it to playing a musical instrument. The more you play, the better you get...usually. Some people are incredible musicians and artists right of the bat but most of us improve over time with practice. So what if your sand castle falls down the first couple of times. Tweak your design, change the tools you use until you find what works for you and learn how much water to add to the sand. Don't give up, learn to adapt.




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