Sand Dog Productions

The coolest sand sculptures on planet earth

A professional sand sculpture outfit that travels the world creating extreme works of art made entirely of sand.

Chris Guinto

Sand Dog Productions is professional sand sculpting outfit that travels the world creating works of art made entirely of sand for any, weddings, festivals, concerts, team building activities, etc.

After several opportunities to have a career in different artistic fields, Chris Guinto became a successful award winning sand sculptor who pushes the envelope not only through his designs but also in his form work that defy gravity, consistently raising the bar. With a background in concept designs, special effects and fine art he combines them in sculptures that are both imaginative and dynamic, showing you scenes in a fresh and original way. Chris also starred in the hit television series 'Sand Masters', 'Sand Wars' & 'Sand Blasters' on the Travel Channel as well as featured on the Weather Channel. You can find more of Chris' sculpture works here.

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